A typical vacation can be a much-needed source of relaxation, though it doesn't make a lasting mark on your life. Serving and connecting with others, participating in cultural immersion and experiencing nature have the power to fuel passion, desire life-long learning and understand global citizenship. Intentional travel is not travel just for the sake of rest, entertainment, and self-indulgence. It’s travel for the sake of learning, growing, and trying new experiences. Meaningful travel experiences often make us more compassionate, understanding, and generous human beings. And, these effects manifest in our families, in our communities, to help create a better world.

At Simply Venture, we believe in this kind of enriched travel experience: one that immerses you in the culture, exposes you to the needs of the people and connects you with nature. And that's exactly what we deliver to those looking to heighten their group experience. Whether you are a church, school, business or nonprofit, or extended family, we can cater to your needs. Some groups prefer to have service be the primary component with a little adventure and cultural exposure. Others like adventure to be the highlight. Most like a good mix.

To gain a better understanding of the type of trips we lead, check out our trip examples. Many factors dictate the price, including location, transportation and level of accommodations desired for your group. We are confident that we can deliver an unforgettable, quality experience within the confines of your budget.

Don't just see the world, experience it. Your journey awaits!