Antigua, Guatemala

Simply Venture helps you travel as a family to Central America's most diverse country with purpose: interact with locals, participate in their culture and connect with nature. Tour the impeccably preserved town of Antigua, a UNESCO World heritage site. Climb a volcano. Visit the indigenous craft markets, a family coffee plantation and the gorgeous Lake Atitlan. Serve the extremely impoverished community living around a municipal landfill in Escuintla, Guatemala. Experience Mayan culture. This will be a family adventure that you'll remember for a lifetime!



Participants embark to the Pearl of Africa to partner with Action in Africa, pouring into a community school, library and outreach center. Here, cultural immersion classes are arranged, including drumming, cooking and crafts. Additionally, students serve at the Watoto orphanage in Kampala and experienced a widow's village in Katosi. To cap off this incredible journey, the crew sets sail on the Nile River to the awesome Murchison Falls, followed by a true African safari! An added bonus is a layover in Dubai, where the group takes in Middle Eastern culture, a desert safari and futuristic architecture, including the world's tallest building.



Santa Barbara, CA

Through volunteering with local nonprofits, students serve and connect with the large homeless population of Santa Barbara. In addition to team building and cultivating hearts of service, the experience works to break down stereotypes of the homeless population. After working hard, the group plays even harder: surfing, night hiking, cliff jumping, swimming and bicycling. Students reside in cabins in the majestic coastal mountains, gathering nightly around the campfire to dialogue about the blessings and obstacles of life.



Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO

By electing to take school on the road, students receive a hands-on journey into Colorado's unique earth science offerings. The group spends the first day hiking, learning about, and taking in the wondrous Garden of the Gods. The next is packed with hiking and playing on the dunes, nature programs, nature writing and reflection, and community building. After a morning hike, students experience the Manitou Cliff Dwellings on the way home. This outdoor education experience features an emphasis on nature and science: geology, hydrology, dune types, ecosystems, animals, and plants.





On this outdoor education experience, students journey to Moab, Utah, to camp amidst the stunning desert landscape. Days are spent hiking and canyoneering in the incredible, unique geology and participating in national park education programs. Nights are spent building team connectivity around the campfire and learning astronomy. This expeditionary learning experience fosters curiosity about the world by creating learning situations that provide something important to think about, time to experiment, and time to make sense of what was observed.



Black Hills, SD

A quintessential experiential education trip, this adventure introduces students to the historically-rich area of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Through camping in Custer State Park, hiking Harney Peak, cave spelunking at Wind Cave, and rock climbing by Sylvan Lake, the group gets a healthy dose of the great outdoors.  Additionally, students visit the awe-inspiring sculptures of Mount Rushmore National Monument and Crazy Horse Memorial. Further enriching the academic experience, leaders emphasize the unique geology of the Black Hills, culture of the Lakota Sioux, the significance of the "Shrine of Democracy," among other outdoor educational topics.